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The Dive (Campus Crusade for Christ @ Kent State)
The Dive is a ministry of Campus Crusade at KSU.  I've been involved with it since September 2004, and am presently serving as a volunteer for the tech team on Thursday nights.
I've been writing comic reviews for Comixtreme since October 2004.  It's a great site for comic news, reviews, columns, and general comic-y fellowship.
Troutner Photography
My friends' photography service.  If you're in the Ohio area--particularly northwestern Ohio and need any photography done, give them a look-see!
Sarah's Summer Project 2007 Page
My friend is going to Costa Rica for Campus Crusade this summer.  Right now, she's raising support for the 5-week trip, and plans to maintain a blog while on the trip itself.  Please take a look at her page...
Evertime Realms
Blake Petit's site.  Fellow comic geek, reviewer, and all that.  He's got comic reviews, short stories, regularly-updated columns and articles, and even has a couple books published.